Learn how the money system works

This course shares why you should be concerned about the federal reserve money system.

Discover who is behind our money

Learn about the families responsible for the money supply. The people we are indebted to.

Find out why things are so expensive

There is a reason why we pay tax. Understand how this money supply impacts your future.

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Banking and technology have always been closely linked, each facilitating and encouraging advances in the other, but in recent years, the banking and technology worlds have become inseparable. Not only are banks embracing technology to improve on their functions, a tech savvy customer base is readily accepting these technological advancements and increasingly expecting them from banks.

Through the addition of new digital channels such as online and mobile banking, banks now have more data available to them now than in the entire history of banking. In order to successfully take advantage of the benefits of this massive increase in customer and environmental data, embracing advances in technology will be essential. However, paradoxically, in some instances technology is also what’s hindering banks progress.

This course gives you a detailed overview of the banking system now, and what is to come.


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